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A Passion For Aesthetics

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful older people are works of art. ”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

Beauty can be found everywhere we look. From the vibrant colours and shapes of a beautiful landscape to the pleasing symmetry of an architectural marvel, our brains have evolved to perceive certain visual characteristics as beneficial and gratifying while others as less so. 

Various facial deficiencies can convey signals that may not represent our true emotional or physical state. For example, eye bags can make us look tired even when we are not, and vertical lines between the eyebrows can make us look angry. These false emotional cues are perceived by others who then shape their view and behaviour towards us. Correction of these elements can therefore positively impact our non-verbal communication with the world and enhance the satisfaction we get from our social interactions. 

As a medical doctor, making a positive impact in my patients' lives has been the most satisfying part of my career. Aesthetics have offered me the opportunity to express my artistic inclination, and thankfully many of the academic and practical skills acquired during my medical career have been transferrable to aesthetics. This means that I have entered the field well-equipped to provide the level of care that my clients would expect. Unfortunately, the aesthetics industry remains largely unregulated which creates a minefield of risks for people seeking to have non-surgical cosmetic treatments. There is no guarantee that practitioners will have had the training and qualifications required, or that they are accountable to a regulatory body in the same way that doctors are. Having a full registration with the General Medical Council, the benefit of 18 years experience in the NHS, and at least 5 years experience in aesthetics, my clients can rest assured that they are in the safe hands of a fully qualified doctor. My commitment to post-treatment aftercare is an additional layer of safety as I am always available to deal with any questions or concerns. This comes at no additional cost as I feel that continuity of care is an ethical obligation owed to my clients. 

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