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Creating masculine and feminine faces with dermal fillers

Male and female faces are easily distinguishable. This is because they exhibit signs of sexual dimorphism, meaning different characteristics between males and females. There are certain features that are much more common in men than women, and vice versa. Researchers have identified some of these features with the help of objective measurements and statistical analysis(1):

  • A wide and square chin in men, as opposed to a narrow and V-shaped chin in women.

  • The bizygomatic width (distance between the cheek bones) is almost the same as the bimandibular (distance between the angles of the jaw) in men, giving off an overall square appearance of the face. In women the bizygomatic width is wider than the bimandibular width, resembling the shape of an inverted triangle.

With these differences in mind, filler can be placed in areas of the face that can help create or enhance a more masculine or feminine look.


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