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The 7-point Shape™ for women

The 7-point Shape™ for women is a non-surgical technique using dermal fillers to lift and contour facial features that have been impacted by the ageing process. It was developed by the world-renowned plastic surgeon Mauricio De Maio and relies on a number of injection points, also known as MD codes, which aim to re-volumise and contour the cheeks, chin and jawline.The MD codes shown in the photo are marked as Ck1 and Ck2 for the cheek bones and lateral cheeks, C1 and C2 for the chin and Jw1, Jw4 and Jw5 for the jawline.

Although, the amount of filler required varies from person to person, the minimum quantities for a noticeable effect are as follows:

  • Ck1 - 0.3ml

  • Ck4 - 0.5ml

  • Jw1 - 0.5ml

  • Jw4 - 0.5ml

  • Jw5 - 0.5ml

This technique lifts, volumizes and contours the face, and helps restore an inverted triangle shape which is associated with youthfulness.


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