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What can be achieved with dermal fillers - Case study 1

This is a case study of a 43 yr old lady who presented with bags around the eyes, sagging and volume loss in the midface, jowls and double chin in the lower face. These changes created an aged and tired look and gave off an expression of sadness.

Photographs taken immediately after treatment with 16ml of Juvederm® fillers, show marked improvement in the following areas:

- the eyebrows are better supported and appear lifted by the placement of filler in the temples

- the eyebags have softened by the restoration of volume in the upper cheek and tear trough area

- the nasolabial folds and jowls have been lifted as a result of volumising the upper cheeks, which now act as lifting vectors for the soft tissues of the lower face

- the chin appears elongated and smoother, while the jawline is defined and the double chin has been eliminated.

As a result, the lady looks naturally refreshed and younger. These results can be seen immediately after treatment and, unlike cosmetic surgery, no downtime is required.


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