What can be achieved with dermal fillers - Case study 3

A 44-year-old woman presented with facial signs of sagginess, tiredness, and sadness, represented by the presence of saggy cheeks, eye bags, and marionette lines. Before treatment,

indentation was apparent on the anterior right cheek when she smiled.

The first treatment step focused on providing foundation in the midface and contouring the upper face.

The second step addressed the lower face by treating the chin and

anterior jawline. In step 3, due to the degree of severity, further filler was injected into the cheek and jawline. The final step included periorbital and perioral refinement through injections in the tear trough area, the nasolabial folds, and lips. Images taken immediately after the last treatment step illustrate the changes in facial shape, including increased volume in the cheeks, and the more

triangular appearance of the chin. After the lip treatment, an upturn of the oral commissures was observed. In the oblique view, the improvement of saggy cheeks, eye bags, and the jawline resulted in a less tired, less saggy, and less sad appearance than before treatment. Injection of the cheek improved sagginess and reduced the indentation of the woman’s right cheek, making her smile appear more attractive and natural. A total of 15 syringes was injected.


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